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About J-Mack Agency

J-Mack was founded in 2000 by its President and CEO, Joseph M. Macksoud, who retired from the Detroit Police Department after 26 plus years of service. Prior to retirement, Joe served as the Commanding Officer of Patrol Operations for the 5th Precinct and later for the 4th Precinct, which included the Investigative Operations Unit, Special Operations Unit, Community Policing Unit, Police-Community Relations Unit, and the Administrative Operations Unit. Joe designed and implemented a number of cutting edge service delivery systems designed to improve police services to the community that are still in use by the Detroit Police Department, and copied and in use by many other law enforcement agencies.

After retirement, Joe served as a Corporate Security Director of a major regional super mall, and later as Chief of Police of the City of Mount Clemens, Michigan where he introduced many innovative and cost saving crime prevention and crime suppression programs. He has also taught for years in undergraduate and graduate business management and criminal justice programs.

J-Mack is proud to have the finest and the most culturally, racially, ethnically, and gender diverse investigative and security staff, that is comprised of current and former local, county, state and federal law enforcement professionals dedicated to our clients’ peace of mind before, during and after an emergency.

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